don't tell, here's a few secrets in Cambridge for people who are inquisitive. Try the church of Little Saint Mary which is slightly hidden from the main street. It has the most luscious secret garden with the many private walkways barely visible through the undergrowth. The grave stones are enveloped in whatever is growing, right now it is Comfrey. You feel like Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes the organ is played as you sit on a bench. The street through the back gate is well worth seeing. It is full of small Huguenot like houses that you would love to own. Otherwise if you like the thirties era of the lido culture you can not do better than the Jesus Green version. It is sheltered, very long and oh so elegant. The colour of the water brings a bit of L.A to the east of England. Back in central Cambridge the Lloyds Bank on Sidney street deserves a visit even if you are penniless. Fully tiled floor to ceiling, it is a late nineteenth century glazed "church" of finance. Once called The Fosters Bank, wouldn't it be fun if all banks were named after beers and all the CEO's so merry that they gave us their money for a change. If you still need more there is always the Sedgewick Museum. Just pop in to remember all the visits of dinosaurs that you did as a child and enjoy the display cases with hundreds of drawers. The shop is full of ammonites that would please the school boy in all of us.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
Little St Mary's
Jesus Green pool
Lloyds Bank, Cambridge
Sedgwick Museum