of design are everywhere and one can be found hiding in a little house front on Mill Road, the Hoxton of Cambridge. You could be forgiven if you miss it as it is surrounded by multicultural restaurants, charming antique shops and great old shop frontage. It's simple, almost stark and would sit well in a Bauhaus design book. The dimensions are perfect as are the choice of colours. It is rather child like which is what we would all like to reanimate if we were designers. Oh and please visit Mill Road which is a very different Cambridge, no colleges but so many other churches, gardens and tiny side streets influenced by the French arriving from across the sea. If you are bored with your own colour choices, you could revive yourself with a visit to the Pottery department at the Fitzwilliam museum where you will find many objects to be less bored. There is a small teapot and jug that jump for me from the hundreds in the display case. The combinations of the clever grubby but pure lemon yellow with acid rust or more lemon with sharp chrome knock sixes off most paint charts. Try the little pyjama blue and chocolate brown plate or the double cream and metallic blue brown of the Staffordshire Pew group. Oh go on, redo the bathroom with anaglypta to pay hommage to the comical cauliflower teapot and coffeepot, why don't you!

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
The Fitzwilliam Museum
Mill Road