Oh the heatwave of September fashion week, it is always hot and everyone forgets this. So the usual flurry of overheated and winter dressed fashion editors were clustered outside the Atsuro Tayama venue, for my first show in Paris. Everyone is in a good mood as the season has just started, so there is the perfect light atmosphere of late summer. The simple almost austere venue is one of my favourites as the entrance belies the interior, pristine moderne glass down to rough concrete cellar. Who doesn't like a surprise? Spring was in the air with the first looks, which were quite tailored and in neutral colours with bare legs. Staying with all things tailored and crisp, we were treated to woven silk that made one think of ski sweaters. Atsuro moved through to April May with graphic Madras checks and hot flowers. The shapes became more billowing and free as if to be prepared for a June gentle breeze. The finale was definitely in the heat of July August, and the spot lights at the end of the runway seemed to cover the girls in the hot lemon white sunlight of the height of summer. Perhaps we should all regret slightly that once again we were all wearing black.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
Atsuro Tayama