I always look forward to the Castelbajac show because as in a lucky dip you never know what you are going to get, and each show is full of a multitude of themes and in combinations that make you laugh. Who else gave us Mickey Mouse with mediaeval knights? This time was full of surprises too. There were looks printed with drawings which looked a lot like Gaston Chaissac, and then bold colours rather like flags of countries you have never heard of. Now punk like poetic writing, printed in white on very chic beige linen. The beige continued on to very sober graphic clothes, rather like monochrome 1970's ski wear. Still not enough for the expectant crowd, what next, what next? How about chic camouflage in beige, black and white and then gold lame, of course, mixed with the same perfect woven beige linen. More child like drawings, and then Mr Castelbajac followed on the arms of the model actually wearing a painting on paper. What was so clever was the careful management of this riot of ideas by the use of classic, almost lady like shapes to control the humour into the best of subtle comedy, and all staged before a huge screen with graphic paintings, blinking green and blue eyes and stripes.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
JC de Castelbajac