I have always loved the way Hexa by Kuko uses heavy fabrics, no matter what the season, but in an airy and delicate way. Here in the rue de Turenne 75003 Paris, he continued to do so, even so far as Roman gladiators on their way to a ball, complete with protective studded leather armour and even the the forehead decoration of the Roman helmet. The show started with luxurious cream quite structured Courreges inspired looks, boxy jackets and perfectly cut shorts or Blondie style mini dresses, showing off the legs from a perfect length. His use of fabric and structure gave a slight amazonian quality to the girls, even in lavender, his next chosen colour. This girl power was emphasised by shiny metal yet delicate foundation, glamorous mohican head pieces and mathematically cut wedged ballerinas with double ankle straps, for the warrior ballerina look. The colour choices were so subtle from the copper printed grey to a rich rust and ending with all the makeup colours, and a perfect ultra-marine thrown into the mix. Each of these colours were used to turn ideas on their head and keep you on your toes. Not for us a simple summer dress, but a princess line in a copper printed grey uniform colour, or as in the final passage, Cesar's army in cool chic beige. This put the the power dressing of the 1980's into it's rightful place, the fashion dustbin.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
Hexa by Kuho