Bright white as they used to say for washing powder in the 1960's . The catwalk was covered in clean shiny white tiles and echoed the origami touch to the first of the Miyake looks. The clothes were simple in shape but deep in tailoring and construction, so that leather and cotton became stiff paper and moved in opposite directions to the girls' walk. The show was carefully orchestrated by colour and weight, so that we moved from monochrome solids, to blue shiny, through to red fluid and multi coloured light. The fabric was so lightweight, that here the construction was rendered invisible and left one time to watch the colours and movement. Miyake has always been the collection where a catwalk full of people is an integral part on the show and not just the end. This time was no exception and when it was all over, I left thinking of how to include "the unbearable lightness of being" in the text but didn't quite manage.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
Issey Miyake