I unfortunately arrived quite early and the taxi stopped right in front of the paps, who took no notice of me at all. From then on everyone who greeted me was striped, as were the champagne glasses being offered on trays. I was still too early but that gave me the chance to see the exhibition almost alone. What a treat! No people between me and the multitude of details. It was such a rich exhibition with many things that had slipped my memory and were a pleasure to see again. The tule camouflage was fun and stunning, the evening pubic hair on the sequin body suit made one laugh and the elegance of a man's decollete encased in a whale bone corset was just perfect. In fact there were corseted men at the party and many wore the Gaultier like kilt, including the man himself who chose the sombre floor length Edwardian variety. His speech went to the cockles of the heart of his audience, as he praised England's eccentricity and daring. This is a well loved subject of the English and they all cheered. I think more cheers are needed to Mr Gaultier for his great exhibition and let's do it all again in Paris at the Grand Palais.

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Review & Photography Antonia Leslie
Jean Paul Gaultier